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The formation of the Whittlesea Community Leadership Network was a City of Whittlesea Council initiative and was based on a Pilot Project supported by the City of Whittlesea, coordinated by the Multicultural Unit and Linked to City of Whittlesea Council Plans The scope of the Pilot Project was to develop a community leadership network in line with the Multicultural Plan 2007 – 2011 over two years The project plan was prepared in response to recommendations from community consultations. 

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The Community Leadership Pilot Project was aligned with the City of Whittlesea  plans including “Shaping Our Future”,” Whittlesea 2025 Strategic Community Plan”, “Shaping Our Organization and the Multicultural Plan 2007 – 2011” and “ Many Faces One Community Valuing Diversity”.The Community Leadership Network Pilot Project linked  to the Community Plan is Inclusive and Engaged Community and to the Corporate Plan and Councils Vision and Mission: “Creating vibrant, self-sustaining communities together”; “We strategically resource our organization to support our community”; “We use evidence to decide our direction”; and  “We use this evidence to advocate to Council and external parties.”The Community Leadership Network was supported by Council to establish a leadership model with and for community leaders, advocating and building community resilience supporting Councils vision of vibrant, self-sustaining communities.

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