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Community Leadership Network (CLN) Planning Day


17th Nov 2012


City of Whittlesea Offices






Peter Forester - Facilitator


Mission & Strategic Plan

The following Mission Statement and initial Strategic Plan were accepted by the CLN by a majority vote of participants.
Mission Statement

Build strong and diverse communities through leadership and partnership.

Strategic Plan

Key strategy


People Responsible

Time Frame

Expected outcomes:
Become an Incorporated Association
Finalise a name for the organisation

1.1 Referring to online resources, such as Consumer Affairs Victoria, utilise procedures and templates to apply for incorporation
1.2 All CLN members to tap into their communities for organisational name ideas.
1.3 All ideas for names to be submitted to the November 26th CLN meeting. All members present to vote on three names to be submitted on the application for incorporation. The meeting will also decide on three linked domain names for the organisation.

Project team:
Glen Wall
Pece Gorgievski
Esther Tsafack
Chantal Kabamba
Jeremiah Temple

Project team to report success or progress at the first CLN meeting in 2013 (early February)

2. Build the organisation’s revenue
2.1 Expected outcomes:
Manage the compliance tasks associated with the 2012 Community Development Grant, including  its associated budget
2.2 Form a Finance and Audit Committee
2.3 Explore revenue building ideas
2.4 Investigate insurance

2.1 Continue completing compliance tasks (refer to Maria Callipari for task list)
2.2  Identify suitable CLN members for the Finance & Audit Committee
2.3 Have first Finance & Audit Committee meeting to establish Terms of Reference such as composition, objectives, duties, frequency of meetings etc

Eve Verna (Maria Callipari to provide support)

Recruit Finance & Audit Committee members by December
Have first committee meeting by early February 2013 to report back to the firs 2013 CLN meeting
This committee will continue within the Incorporated Association structure ,as an ongoing committee

3. Identify and implement your passionate projects
Expected outcomes:
Build and implement a leadership development program for CLN members

3.1 Identify an appropriate leadership program and supplier

Project team:
Aldo Vicentic
Glen Wall
Maria Callipari
(available as a resource Sam Dureau)

Project team to report  progress at the first CLN meeting in 2013 (early February)

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