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Agenda for Broader Community

Agenda For Broader Community Groups April 2013.
22nd July 2013
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 for Broader Community
What's The Law
24th June 2013
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Crime Prevention by Epping Multicultral Police Unit

Victoria Police
27th May 2013
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MFB Northern Region
Providing Training for the Broader Community
22nd July 2013
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Highlighting Arab Australian Contributions to Victoria

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CL Network Victoria Inc. Chairperson: Chantal Kabamba Video Clip

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The Leading Women's Health and Safety Project

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The Community Leadership Network

The Community Leadership Network membership comprises of not-for-profit community groups representing their members in the city of Whittlesea. CLN provides member groups with access to resources. We are committed to providing resources and supporting local community groups with leadership training to provide improved community connection.



The formation of the Whittlesea Community Leadership Network was a City of Whittlesea Council initiative and was based on a Pilot Project supported by the City of Whittlesea, coordinated by the Multicultural Unit and Linked to City of Whittlesea Council Plans The scope of the Pilot Project was to develop a community leadership network in line with the Multicultural Plan 2007 – 2011 over two years The project plan was prepared in response to recommendations from community consultations. 


Build strong and diverse communities through leadership and partnership
Aims & Objectives
    • Build and foster solidarity among diverse community groups, encouraging people to visit each other, share cultural practice, compare and contrast ways of being and doing through sharing identity to affirm what it means to be a citizen of Australia.
    • Learn governance strategies while creating and applying their own governance structure. CLN will mobilise hard to reach groups as a conduit to encouraging civic participation.
    • Become an independent advisory group that Council departments can approach for consultations and information. Be a point of contact for the dissemination of information.
    • Be a forum for collaboration, problem solving, networking, information sharing, and referring members to appropriate services. The CLN forum may explore roles and values of leadership and contributing factors offering extra support and resources relating to the topic of leadership.
    • Establish partnerships with organizations that have mentoring programs for leaders and in particular young emerging leaders working with seniors.
    • Encourage participation by diverse community organizations.
    • Facilitate tolerance, sharing of cultural values, to learn the value of cultural leadership..

Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 came into effect in November, 2012

A consequence of the new Act is the need for all incorporated associations to bring their rules or constitution into line with the “new” model rules

Three helpful documents on the PILCH website are :

The Transition Guide  (PDF document)
A Rules Checklist     
A Table of Comparison  (PDF document)

To access these documents and print them off, go to the PILCH website http://www.pilch.org.au  



PCCC is a three year strategic framework for our plan through which WCLN will carry out its programs and activities focusing on developing skills and expertise across the entire Not-For-Profit community organizations in Whittlesea in particular and in Victoria, in general.  PCCC focuses on developing human capital within the social enterprises sector with a view to enhance leadership performance and efficient community management as a whole. PCCC will be shaping the very essence and direction of WCLN in line with 1981 Incorporation ACT



WLCN strives to build a diplomatic, supportive and a long lasting rapport with a wide range of communities groups focusing on the most marginalised community.  To achieve our targeted goals we weave strong partnerships with government, non-government, philanthropic and private organisations to share the responsibility of building sustainable communities.

PCCC Connect Community



At WCLN, we strongly believe in ‘Learning endlessly’, we have implemented a Training Academy Unit (TAU) through which we are delivering leadership training programs to build resilience and enhance civic participation.  In addition, we also offer other a wide range of complementary courses that meet the socio-economic, health and Para-legal learning needs of our society.

PCCC Coach



Through multilateral and bilateral partnerships with government, non government, philanthropic and private organizations, WCLN mobilises resource to exponentially impart people with the best quality, skills and expertise in community leadership to build strong, vibrant and sustainable communities able to contribute to the socio-economic development of our society.

PCCC Construct


WCLN Launch Day Video  & Photo Gallery 2013

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Video Clips WCLN

Launch Day Speech by Chantal Kabamba

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Video Clips WCLN

Launch Day Speech by Cr. Rex Griffin

At The Whittlesea City Council Fountian Room Click Here..



Video Clips WCLN

Launch Day Speech by Mr. Craig Ondarchie MP

At The Whittlesea City Council Fountian Room Click Here..



Video Clips WCLN

Launch Day Speech by Mr. Harry Jenkins MP

At The Whittlesea City Council Fountian Room Click Here..

The Leading Women's Health and Safety Project

Leading Women's Health & Safety Project (LWHSP) aims to strengthen, build capacity and alleviate the isolation of marginalized women's communities. It empowers women to access health and safety resources to enhance their health and that of their family and community.

This project is sponsored by UNESCO, Water Well project, City of Whittlesea, City of Darebin, Spectrum Migrant Resource Center, Brotherhood of St. Laurence. All attendees will receive an attendance certificate signed by the Mayor of Whittlesea and Mayor of Darebin. Information sessions run over a five week period, every Thursday from July 03 to July 31.

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